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This is a list of our standard products. As we also do a lot of OEM and special applications this can only show a little of what we really can do...

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Male and Female Headers and Contact Pins

Made in Germany

Male Header with Square or Round Contacts

2,54 mm
2,00 mm
1,27 mm

Female Header
Made in Germany
Female Header with Square or Round Contacts

2,54 mm
2,00 mm
1,27 mm


Made in Germany

Contact Pins    


Card Edge Connectors


PCI Connectors

PCI Express


Cable Solutions

Flat Flex Cables

Flash Memory Sockets for

Single Signal Interconnect
High Performance Miniature Coax Connection
(0,1" Pitch Inteconnects)

Hercules Ruggedized High Speed Data Connector


HPM-5 Connectors
(2 mm Pitch Socket Inteconnects)

2mm HPM5 to HSSDC2

A unique VPX cabling system providing endless
possibilities to expand and enhance VPX systems.

Infiniband / CX4:

4x Cable configurations

12x Cable configurations

4x to HSSDC2



Cable Solutions

If you need any special connector or cable application please click here.

customer solutions Customer Solutions

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