PCI Connectors and Card Edge Connectors

25 5V/32 Bit Connector

Meritec offers the following connectors in their PCI family.

25 3,3V and 5V/32 Bit PCI Connectors: allow a 32 Bit PCI daughter card to mate at a 25 angle to the printed circuit board (PCB).

Right Angle 3,3V and 5V/32 and 64 Bit Connectors: offer low profile, right angle stacking heights which save space while allowing horizontal PCI card mounting.

2x25 Right Angle Card Edge Connectors: provide horizontal, 50 position card edge mounting and an extra slot for data expansion from the PCB when designing unique bus architecture. Designed for companion usage with the 3,3V and 5V/64 Bit PCI connectors.

All Meritec PCI connector footprints are identical to the vertical mount versions for joint compatibility in in the PCB design.

5V/32 Bit Right Angle Connector
5V/64 Bit Right Angle Connector
2x25 Right Angle Card Edge Connector
PCI ZIF Test Connector


  • Horizontal PCI card mating
  • Meets all PCI local bus standards (revision 2.0) for a 3,3V or 5V/64 bit configuration
  • Plastic cover protects unused PCI connectors from dust and debris, and supports connector for hybrid soldering applications requiring convection/IR heating
  • Mounting holes for board attachment
  • Through hole solder mount application compatible with wave soldering process
  • Card mounting heights from 0,23" to 0,657" (see layout drawing for height table)
  • Solves space problem in applications where card edge connector is needed and where low clearance above PCB prohibits use of vertical configuration
  • Insert molded in liquid crystal polymer for stability in hybrid board applications involving surface mount components
  • Offers PCB design flexibility
  • Designed to mate with 0,062" thick PCB
  • Choice of rivets or retention clips as hold down fasteners



Contact Resistance:
Dielectric withstanding

Current rating:
Insulation resistance:
40 milliohm (maximum)

500 VAC (minimum) @ 60 Hz
1,0 AMPS (continuous)
>109 ohms @ 500 VDC


Contact material:
Number of contacts:

Standard contact finish:

Special order contact

Rivet material:
Insertion force:

Normal force:
Dielectric material:
Copper alloy (CuNi)
25 - 120; 32 Bit - 120
64 Bit - 184; 2x25 - 50
selectively plated contact surface
  consists of gold flash over nickel
specific gold plating thickness
  available upon request
brass nickel plated
150 grams maximum
  per opposing contact pair
75 grams minimum per contact
glass filled liquid crystal polymer (black)


Temperature rating:
U.L. rated 94 V-1
-40C to +105C


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