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Our wide standard assortment of headers include single and double row, straight and right angle, gold and solder plated male headers with 36 pins per row.

These can easiliy be cut down to any desired length.

For custom designed male headers please don't hesitate to contact us.


With 102 models to fit every size DIP up to 64-pins and both nailed and connector-compatible "headless" leads available in every size, A P Products has just the right Test-Clip to meet your DIP testing requirements.


Cable Solution                              

The most obvious advantage of "molded-on" cable assemblies is that they are one piece and therefore inseparable.

There are no individual components to come apart, lose, stock, assemble, test or scrap. They are factory tested and ready to install when shipped.

Card Edge PCI / PCIe

All Meritec PCI connector footprints are identical to the vertical mount versions for joint compatibility in the PCB design.