Female Header Selection

Made in Germany


We offer single, dual and tripple row female headers with 36 pins per row (72 pins total for dual row headers, 108 pins total for tripple row headers) which can easily be cut down to any length you need. You have choice of tin plated finish or selective gold-over-nickel plating. 

All mate with indus
try standard connectors or with 0,25'' round or square post male headers with contacts spaced on 0,100'' centers.

  • 1 – 36 contacts in one row,
    2 – 72 contacts in two rows
    3 – 108 Contacts in three rows
  • Tuning fork contact design
  • Gold, tin/lead or pure tin plating
  • Standard or high temperature body
  • Solder standoffs facilitate production wave soldering
  • Optional board retention feature
  • Custom versions available


Series 235 Female Headers in various configurations

Series 093 low profile Female Headers

Data Sheets in PDF format:

Female Headers with 6,00 mm (0,235") interface
Female Headers with 2,40 mm (0,093") interface
Complete Set of Data Sheets for Male and Female Headers (2,54 mm pitch)


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